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The Best Home Tanning Beds

In today's society, tanning is very popular choice. Even with risk of skin cancer, people long to have a dark, golden tan. Beauty image focuses heavily on skin color, which is why you see people flocking to tanning salons to create a healthy bronze tan to maximize glamour and attractiveness. Because so many people are using tanning salons, trying to fit in an appointment can be challenging. For this reason, we now see higher sells in residential tanning beds. If you are interested in tanning at home, it would be worth researching the best home tanning beds for safety purposes.

With an at home tanning bed, you can enjoy a tanning session in the middle of the night or right before you leave for work if you so choose. In addition, using a residential tanning bed is a great way to save money long-term. Sure, you might save money at a tanning salon in the short term because you are charged by the minute but having your own bed will pay off in the end.

While tanning beds found in salons are large, the models you would buy for home use are often smaller. You will even find home tanning beds that are designed to stand straight up and when finished, rolled into a closet. Still other home tanning beds are actually tanning canopies, which are suspended on hydraulic arms over a deck chair, couch, or bed. These fixtures are lighter, slimmer, and much easier to move than commercial tanning beds. Storing your home tanning bed can be as easy as rolling it off into a corner, or you can leave it set up in a spare bedroom or family room. While there are many great types of home tanning beds, some of the top models to consider include:

  • Sunquest Pro 14 Wolff - This tanning bed costs around $2,500 and is considered one of the best models for home tanning. With this, you will enjoy dynamic tanning power with all the convenience of having the bed in the home. The lamps are angled to maximize reflection for a dark, rich tan.

  • Sunvision Pro 28LE - This tanning bed provides top versatility since you can tan two ways. First, you can enjoy the SolarMax IFT face tanner or turn it off and get an all-over body tan.

  • Azure 16 - This tanning bed comes with four dual facial lamps and a timer built into the canopy. All of the Azure series are designed with parabolic reflector systems, which mean a better tan. With 16 total lamps, an acrylic canopy, and 120-volt operation, this is a great bed for a great tan.

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